Your support is how we can continue to provide great entertainment to our local community!

The Broadway Theater is Mount Pleasant, Michigan’s oldest movie and live theater. Maybe you grew up with its big screen.

People support the Broadway in various ways. Some paint, some pop corn, sweep and shuttle their kids back and forth to rehearsals. Some of us help support the Broadway with dollars.

You can support the Broadway Theater by making a donation or simply “Adopting” a chair.  Your support helps us maintain the theater, provide ongoing live and theatrical events, and keep our community strong through live entertainment

Adopt A Chair Supporters

S.C. Weisenburger Fun – In – Balcony MPHS – 1940
Grampa Frank We Miss You!
Best Director, Sobie From the Cast of House of Suspects
Michael Meakin From the Foster-Lifson Family
Steve Swart You Can’t Take It With You, Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
John & Joan Maul Kris Kringle December 2005
John & Judy Williams
Richard & Mary Ellen Brandell
Bill & Mary Shinkle
The Enchanted Forest by Ashley Jarrett March 2004
In Loving Memory of Richard L Kennedy Adonna J. Kennedy
Kurt & Julie Feight
Jane E. Butcher
J. Dean Eckersley Betty L. Eckersley
Kathy Gaffner Jessica Stroud Miracle on 34th Street, 2005
Dean & Betty Eckersley
To Adam Onica Our Rising Star – Grandma & Grandpa
Jack & Cora Neyer
Eileen K Jennings s
The Ross Family Kevin, Linda, Nicole
Mark Herman & Ronnie Apter
Brooks Alec & Nancy
Michael, Laura Ronald & Mary Tecklenburg
B. Bechtold & D. Socha
Louise Schroeder Friends of the Broadway 2001 – 2004
The Myler Family
BCPE Dec. ’07 Janet Sowle Laura Strait
Jacquelynn Meakin Teacher – Mother – Friend d
Merlin & Ireta Ekstrom
Collins Pfieffer Family
Roberson Family Kathy, Sara, Ben
Clinton Ames Roscoe
Mike & Kriss Roethlisberger Ace of Diamonds
Leon & Nan Roethlisberger
In Loving Memory of Kay Lovett
Colwell Family Jeff (Hodgie) Shell Bre & Gage
Dan & Lois Breidenstein
Jane Wilsher & Cassie Phillips Broadway Fans
Jim Dening Linda Dening
Doctors Tamara & Michael Moutsatson
Francis Goodwin – Gramps
Joan Goodwin- Grams
Simply Engraving
Dream Big – from the Longmore-Boisseau Family
Chester McConnell Best Cat Ever
Merle McConnell A Dog With Soul
Michael Meakin Broadway Players Actor & Director
Sam & Trudy Staples December 2006
J. Bruce Kilmer Friends of the Broadway Since 2004
Cynthia Bradley Kilmer Friends of the Broadway Chairperson 2003
Mary Carroll Friends of the Broadway Since 2002
Laura Strait Melanie Allen Cheaper by the Dozen
Phil Mikus Jan Howard Alex Mikus Chris Hanlon We Love the Broadway Theatre
The Bird All American Bar
Sam & Trudy Staples
Art Reach 2012
Summit Petroleum 2012
Jan Strickler
In Loving Memory of Violet Ackerman
Billy Lawrence BPK – MPHS 2009 -2011 Interlochen Class of 2013
Mike Diepstra Family
Mike Sobolewski from the cast of Peter Pan 2013
Kevin Beebee and Family

Our Patrons

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